Classic Wow Hunter Acknowledgements

A lot of the information on this site is from random docuements I have from years ago with information from all different sites that were available at the time. I have also used sites that are online now for information that is more relevent.
I had a long list of macros form years ago but unfortunetly a lot of them were out of date. I found a couple of sites for more up to date macros and further information. I gathered macros from two different sites. This Thread and Vanilla Wow Lazy Hunter Macros – DKPminus Forums
classicdb.ch has been a source for some information and you should be using it too.
addons.to is used for download links of addons. The site is a great resource for addons, it has every addon we included in our addons list and more.
A lot of the pet information was gathered from the game and from other sites that were online years ago. However, we have used Petopia: A picture guide to hunter companions! to check the information. Also, this looks familiar so it may have been used to gather data in some way years ago. The version here is for The Burning Crusade so be careful as lots of the pets and skills on the site now do not exist in vanilla. I am unable to find the vanilla version of this site.