Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons

This is a list of Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons. Not all of them are hunter specific but all are very useful.
If you would like a big list of Vanilla Wow Addons to browse through, try here: www.addons.us.to/addons


The most essential addon for any hunter is an auto-shot timer. It will display a timer that will tell you when your auto-shot is ready to go. This will allow you to time your Multi Shot and Aimed Shot perfectly in-between your auto-shot, maximising DPS. I would suggest using YaHT (Yet Another Hunter Timer). It works as well as any other timer out there and has the most options for customisation I have seen.
Let’s have a look at how it works.
When the bar is red it means stand still, auto shot is ready to cast. Auto shot has 0.5s cast time and moving will cancel it.
Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons YaHT one
When the bar is white auto-shot is in down time – waiting to be ready to fire again. You are free to move around or cast Multi & Aimed Shot. When the white bar runs out stand still again to cast auto-shot.
Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons YaHT two
Here are the customisation options.
Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons YaHT three

Classic Snowfall

Classic Snowfall enables keydown casting. Vanilla Wow casts on key release, not instantly when the key is pressed. You might not have noticed this but add Classic Snowfall and I can guarantee you will notice the difference.


OmniCC adds a countdown on your abilities when they are on cool down. This helps you know exactly when your Multi & Aimed Shot are ready to use again.
In the screenshot below you can see there is 2 seconds left on Aimed Shot & Arcane Shot CD and 8 seconds on Multi-Shot CD.
Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons OmniCC


Mobinfo2 provides you with additional information about mobs including health and mana.

Lazy Pig

Lazy Pig is a ‘Quality Of Life’ Addon. That means it does things to make playing World Of Warcraft a little bit easier. A couple of useful ones are:
Auto Dismount: You don’t have to dismount before attacking or casting. Lazy pig will dismount for you and start casting.
Auto Release in BG: Releases as soon as you die in a battle ground so you don’t miss the resurrection timer.
Anyway, the reason you should get Lazy Pig is ‘Increase Camera Distance’. This lets you zoom out the camera further, allowing you to see much more – amazing for battlegrounds. Check out how far out it goes in the screenshot below. Look how small the character is – insane!
Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons Lazy Pig


DamageMeters is the classic damage meter addon. It will show you your damage compared to anyone else in your party.


Questie shows you information about quests on your map, including: quest givers, quest items and mobs you need for quests.
Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons Questie

Move Anything!

Move Anything! allows you to move any part of your UI anywhere. You can see in the screenshot below the character portrait has moved and the chat is in the top left-hand corner.
Vanilla Wow Hunter Addons Move Anything